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[Sunday June 28th, 2:38pm]
I'm about to leave the apartment for good in a couple of hours. I've already moved into the dorm room at UCLA, but I've been here this entire week just to finish up the lease. I love this place, seriously. Ocean Avenue is truly a divine place. The only complains I have is that it gets  noisy at night - people from the pubs next door, the buses. Le sigh, I'm going to miss having personal space, third street, the address (yes i'm shallow) and the pretty view. 

And for people who've been asking, turning twenty-two is not a big deal, seriously. I still feel bound by my parents, and since I've decided on law school I will still be until I'm twenty six. I still feel unsure about everything, I still am afraid of the dark - figuratively. I still go stupid things that defy logic, yes I enjoy them. I didn't do anything special this year, but then again, me being here is more than what some people will ever get. 
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the finale of my favourite show of all time [Sunday June 28th, 2:28pm]
Take a look at yourself in the mirror
Who do you see looking back?
Is it the person you want to be?
Or is there someone else you were meant to be
The person you should’ve been but felt short of

Is someone telling you, you can’t or you won’t
Because you can

Believe that Love is out there
Believe that dreams come true everyday
Because they do

Sometimes happiness doesn’t come from money
Or fame, or power
Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family
And from the quiet nobility of leading a good life

Believe that dreams come true everyday
Because they do
So take a look at yourself in that mirror
And remind yourself to be happy
Because you deserve to be

Believe that
And believe that dreams come true everyday
Because they do
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[Saturday June 13th, 5:40pm]
So it has been a month and a half. I managed to prepare myself with the genius of googlemaps and craigslist, but the real thing really cannot be experienced through the internet. Seriously, I thought it was going to be warm and teeshirt and shorts kinda weather, but the gust of cold cold air that welcomed me at LAX had me regretting bringing the crappy HSS sweatshirt. It's still rather cold, like 68 degrees Farenheit, but I am beginning to enjoy it.

The apartment is awesome - well for the money I am parting for it, it better be, right?. Third Street is a minute's walk away, the beach is on the other side of the road. That's really how much I've been venturing out into California - except for the mini trips I've been on with Nav, Sweetie and their family. One really needs a car out here, but it'd take a lot more for me to go driving around LA. Seriously. Driving on the other side of the road is not something I'm ready for. Oh, and people here actually stop at stop lines.

I was telling a friend that I might not like me, since I'm spending like an entire period of time all by myself, and to be quite honest, I have not had any negative moments with myself yet. I've been idle for a week now, and an idle mind is not the devil's workshop, thank you very much. I've been having fun, doing whatever the heck I want. Sure I miss the people back home, but Skype has bridged the thousands of miles, so I'm not that homesick. I thought I was going to be crying to go home after a week - you should've seen the wreck I was the day I was leaving- but right now, I think I'd want to come back to sweeet California for Law School.

I'd be officially turning twenty-two in a couple of weeks, but I'm going to postpone the celebrations till Sweetie gets back. Funny, I've only known her for a couple of weeks, but I really like her. I don't let many people into my life, but this girl is awesome. She's smart as a whip, funny as hell, and I think we're gonna be friends longer than Nav and I will ever be. Hahaha.

So that's all for now, I'm going to watch the results of Iron Chef America.
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[Thursday February 12th, 11:35pm]
Uncomfortable silences,

Sensitive issues,

Controlled tears,

Awkward laughter,

Heated arguments,

Stubborn personalities,

Pillow shields,

Hurtful words.

and then there's my cold cold heart.
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[Friday January 30th, 11:55pm]

You know how we're all born for greatness?

I'm starting to doubt it.

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[Wednesday December 17th, 9:15pm]
I love that you think you're making a difference to the world.

I love that you think your presence is important.

I love that you think you inspire people.

I used to love how much i thought you mattered.

But you don't. You probably never did, at all. And i'm sorry.
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[Friday December 12th, 10:10pm]
There used to be a time when I'd say "I wanna go home" even when I'm at home, in my room.

I don't say it anymore. I guess I do belong, and after years of angst, I've had enough of the adolescent rage.

I'm home and I love it.
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[Sunday June 1st, 12:00am]
Because it's time I wrote about the things that really matter.

Friends only.
leave a comment, i'll see what i can do
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